The key to a successful project is successful and effective Project Management.

At ACT we use Project Management methodologies as required by the customer or if preferred we use the ACT Gateway Process. This means that ACT will take your product from print or concept through to launch using a planned and monitored process step by step to ensure each phase of the project is completed according to the customers’ requirements.

ACT takes a multi-disciplinary approach from the very start of a project by assigning a Project Team which represents all departments from shopfloor to senior management. The upfront planning that the Project Team follows, through using the ACT Gateway Process, minimises the need for late engineering changes. These late changes can prove costly and delays the project needlessly.

ACT Project Management reviews any Specific Customer Requirements and integrates these into the ACT Gateway Process as well.


The ACT Project Team ensures that the Customer’s Voice is heard throughout the life of the project. If the requirements alter, then Project Team will respond with flexibility and support so that even the most challenging timelines can be achieved. Through regular reviews and status reporting the customer is kept informed on how their project is progressing so that the whole process remains completely transparent. The ACT Project Team will then launch and supply the product once the submitted detailed documentation has full customer approval.


ACT can manage any project from simple assembly work to large complex tooling, from brand new products to transfers of those that may already exist at another location.


The ACT Gateway Process ensures that the requirements of ISO9001:2015 and the new IATF16949:2016 automotive quality management system are fulfilled.

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