ACT is a focused parts manufacturer for the Automotive and other sectors. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a one stop manufacturing solution for our customers, and our diverse range of process capability and techniques shows that. We believe that by completing as much of the value added content as possible, all under one roof, we provide a more efficient and cost effective solution to parts manufacture. Where required, we are also able to oversee sub contract operations, as well as manage bought in items. And of course, all of our products are made to IATF:16949 standards.

Our range of machines and processes includes:

1. Injection Moulding
2. Compression Moulding (heated and cooled tooling)
3. Honeycomb core expansion
4. Textile and Carpet wrapping
5. Cut and Sew operations
6. Assembly
7. Die cutting of fabrics and NVH materials
8. In-mould labeling
9. High frequency welding

Together with our vast range of in-house processes, we have an experienced team of engineers to see any project through from start to finish, as you would expect from a professional parts manufacturer and supplier.