Located on the Wrexham Industrial Estate, with easy access to North Wales, Chesire and the Midlands, ACT is a specialist supplier of both Automotive and general industry, injection moulded parts. We have a range of injection moulding machines from 50 Tons up to 900 tons and are able to mould parts with dimensions up to 1,700mm in length, in a wide range of plastic materials.

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We like to think we are more than just an injection moulding service company, we offer support and technical expertise at every stage of a new project, from design concept to quality moulded parts.

Part Design

At ACT we have our own design department, running Catia and Solidworks CAD packages. Where needed, our skilled engineers are able to take a project from concept stage all the way through to the finished part. We can call on advanced simulation processes like Moldflow and Finite element analysis to predict the outcome of the finished component. We can also arrange and oversee prototype part builds, whether those are via 3D printing, machined parts, aluminium high pressure tools or vacuum cast low pressure methods.


Although we do not have in house tool making facilities, we do have a healthy network of tried and tested tool makers situated around the world. If your project needs new tooling, we will assess your tooling requirements and help to select the most appropriate toolmaker to fit your needs.

Injection moulding machinery

Our range of machines runs from 50 Tons to 900 Tons, so we are able to cover a wide range of part sizes and weights. Our bigger machines from 500 Ton and above are fitted with 6 axis robots, which are able to add value in the form of insert moulding, in-mould labelling, and efficient part extraction.

Our site runs a 3 shift pattern to cope with the demands of just in time delivery and often high volume automotive requirements. We use robots on some of our equipment, but our workforce also has the flexibility to adjust processes to suit demand. This flexibility is key; it not only allows us to maximise peak production throughput when required, but also allows us to run lower volume work, for example to support niche vehicle programmes, accessories business or non-automotive moulding.Robot handling Injection moulded part

This production flexibility means we are well placed to serve the high volume Tier 1 global suppliers, but also act as a Tier One ourselves, servicing the vehicle manufacturers and their accessory businesses directly.

Our company’s background has very firm roots with the interior trim sector. Many of our high-quality injection mouldings are used in our own products, for example luggage covers, barrier nets and load floors. As such we are experienced in moulding ‘A surface’ interior trim parts. We also have a history of moulding exterior plastic parts, often chrome plated or printed, for example we supply some of the world’s most famous premium brands with exterior brightwear. We also have the technical ability to mould high temperature, under-bonnet parts as well as structural components.

Plastic Injection moulding - automotive grillNo matter what the volumes, materials or application, whether it is tool re-sourcing, an entirely new project or perhaps re-shoring mouldings from overseas to save costs; why not try ACT for your injection moulded parts?



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