ACT manufactures and assembles high quality loadspace covers at our Wrexham facility utilising lightweight features such as an extruded aluminium cassette and main shaft.  Our roller covers are also engineered to surpass our customers’ strict requirements for NVH and operating efforts. These products are almost completely made from in-house manufactured components. We buy vinyl or non-woven fabrics as prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer and purchase aluminium parts from our trusted partners. ACT moulds many plastic parts in our injection moulding facility, we die-cut the cover material, carry out all the high-frequency plastic welding in house and then fully assemble and test the finished luggage cover before shipping it to our OEM customers.

ACT has extensive compression thermo-forming capability and so can also offer a rigid ‘parcel shelf’ for those customers who require this type of solution rather than a roller cover. ACT can also offer sustainable bio-composite thermoset panels so we can contribute to the overall sustainability and ‘Full Life Cycle Analysis’ targets of the vehicle by offering parcel shelves in, for example, flax and sugar resin composites. Equally, we can supply in more traditional materials such as glass fibre / polypropylene. All can be supplied with the cover material prescribed by our customers.

Recently ACT’s innovation team developed a novel concept of a ‘self-supporting’ electric luggage cover. Traditional electric luggage covers offer great convenience, opening and closing automatically when the tailgate is opened or closed. However, these products typically use a system of parallel tracks which include drive mechanisms in the interior trim, adding cost weight and complexity to the overall trunk trim system. ACT has therefore developed a simple solution where the cover emerges from the cassette and appears to float in the air before nestling into two D-pillar features or guide channels, to ensure quiet operation whilst driving. In reality, the cover material is supported by 2 or more slender support members which ingeniously and invisibly roll-up with the cover, within the cassette, whilst retracted. This solution is lighter and lower cost than the existing powered systems and provides the vehicle’s interior designers with far more freedom. It also provides a real ‘surprise and delight’ feature with its ‘floating’ material.  Below is a video of this product in its early concept prototype stage (fitted to a Porsche Panamera):


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