Load floors are the flat panels in the vehicle trunk on which luggage and cargo is placed. Normally carpet-covered components, they can be lightweight, composite panels where high strength is a priority (usually found in SUVs and station wagon / estate cars), or a simpler aesthetic covering of the loadspace floor, as typically found in sedans / saloon cars.

ACT is able to manufacture a range of lightweight loadfloors including,

  1. Composite structural panels sandwich products in glass fibre / polyurethane or natural fibre / bio-resin. These ultra-lightweight panels can be either supplied laminated with a non-woven carpet material or post-processed to incorporate carpet, wipe-clean materials like TPO or other coverings. ACT have installed the only automated, robotic loadfloor cell in the UK to make these high-performance products and we supply hundreds of thousands of these parts throughout the UK and Europe
  2. Simple loadfloors, single layer products commonly formed from materials such as hardboard, fluted polypropylene, honeycomb polypropylene or natural fibre / polypropylene panels.


The advantages of working with ACT:-

  • ACT’s great location, near the UK‘s automotive hubs, can minimise the logistics costs of shipping these relatively bulky parts from overseas providing outstanding value-for-money to UK-based Tier 1 suppliers and their customers.
  • Our cost-effectiveness is proven by the fact we regularly export these products to plants in mainland Europe
  • Given the vehicle manufacturer’s specific loading and durability requirements, ACT can propose the most suitable loadfloor material to provide the best value-for-money
  • We can manufacture-to-print, or offer a full IATF:16949 standard design and product development service
  • We can incorporate handles (often moulded in our injection moulding facility to reduce costs yet further) and other features such as straps, clips and hinges
  • We can offer reversible wipe-clean load floors
  • As the UK’s largest manufacturer of bio-composite panels, we can offer these novel ‘green’ materials to improve a vehicle’s sustainability credentials
  • As well as our robotic cells, we have also recently installed additional modern manual presses, to suit low volume projects

ACT has vast experience both with traditional PU/GF composite loadfloors and now also with Bio-composite systems. At ACT we use natural fibre (flax) and bio-resin (sugar) to produce our sustainable bio-composite panels [NF/Bio]. The PU/GF products are lightweight and immensely strong and excellent at coping with complex geometries. Our NF/Bio panels have a much lower environmental impact* and embedded energy and could have a significant role in the complete life cycle [LCA] analysis of the carbon footprint of our customers vehicles. Recent developments in NF/Bio indicate significant further weight savings for the same strength and modern coatings have provided outstanding water/humidity resistance.

* as measured independently using the ‘shadow price’ method

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