With over 100 years experience between our trained machinists, ACT are happy to embrace all automotive trim projects which involve die cutting and stitching. We have a range of modern Heavy Duty CNC sewing machines allowing us to convert all commonly used materials and threads.



ACT use rear feeding receding head presses of up to 80 Tonnes, which guarantees consistent efficient cuts through a wide range of materials, of different thicknesses. With large bed sizes of up to 1.2 Meters we are able to cut small intricate pieces all the way up to the largest interior trim systems including luggage covers. In order to minimise waste, we ensure optimum part nesting is employed. Material characteristics dependant we are also able to cut multiple layers, maximising throughput.

ACT are happy to offer standalone die-cutting service for customers, but most commonly, we convert material which is used in our own production facilities to manufacture components such as:

  • Luggage covers (live links)
  • Barrier nets
  • Sun shades
  • Loadfloors
  • Composite panels
  • NVH pads



Our CNC sewing machines  have the assistance of servo controlled feed systems which give a precise stroke / feed timing, to maximise the 2,200 sti/min output of our equipment. The stitch can be fully programmed before the twin needle starts, giving the added advantage of automatically back tack of stitching the ends for a non frayed finish.

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