ACT’s focus on lightweighting has led it to become one of the leading manufacturers in the UK of composite panels. We can offer moulded, ultra-lightweight, incredibly strong panels to a range of industries.

We can supply composite panels and parts, moulded to our customers’ dimensional requirements.  We can fit various fastening systems to suit the end requirement and can provide the panels in a range of finishes, including vinyl wrapping or painting. Industries we can serve with this fuel-saving and lightweight technology include;

  • Aerospace interiors
  • Rail interiors
  • Retail
  • Automotive

We have installed capacity with presses up to 200 Tonnes and can offer a wide range of materials to suit the application requirements such as;

  • Glassfibre and polyurethane
  • Glassfibre and polypropylene
  • Natural fibres (e.g. Flax) and bio-resin
  • Natural fibres, woven basalt and bio-resin (for ultra-high strength)
  • Natural fibres and polypropylene

Some of the above materials have been configured to pass not only the automotive industry’s high-quality requirements, but also the stringent fire, smoke & toxicity [FST] requirements of the aerospace interiors sector, making them also suitable for underground rail.

A composite panel usually consists of two tough skins separated by a lightweight core. Core materials ACT have experience in moulding include;

  • Paper honeycomb
  • Paper honeycomb with ‘Nomex’ ™ fireproof coating
  • EPP foam
  • PET foam
  • PPSU foam

The foam materials allow greater design freedom around radii and curvatures.

ACT has a range of processing equipment including a robotic PU mixing / spraying / moulding cell to ensure low cost and high quality. We also have recently installed two further compression moulding presses each of 200T capacity, giving us the capability to produce almost all interior panels. The bed size of our presses is up to 1.5m x 1.5m.