At ACT we have extensive automated wrapping facilities.

We have multiple high volume automated bespoke reactive polyurethane hotmelt carpet-wrapping machines, typically used to carpet-wrap loadfloors and other components. These automated machines provide a repeatable process to ensure low cost, high quality components for our customers.

We also have a low volume semi-automated cell using a water based reactive polyurethane adhesive in combination with an infrared bladder press to activate the adhesive on complex 3D parts.  ACT is able to pre-form carpet blanks to optimise the wrapping of technically challenging components.

From our knowledge and experience we believe we can offer aesthetic and technical finishes to most components using the correct adhesive for the application to meet our customers challenging requirements.  We are able to source covering materials include carpet, wadding, non-woven, TPO, PVC vinyl and fabric or can use customer specified ones.

ACT is also able to manufacture the substrate moulding / composite panel providing a single supplier for your complete assembly.


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