Utilising a mixture of manual semi-automated and automated assembly cells, ACT adds value to its in-house manufactured components and bought-in parts, creating world-class assemblies for our clients.

Processes include ultra-sonic / high frequency welding, compression / injection mouldings and computer-controlled assembly. We have invested in electronic ‘no fault forward’ assembly systems to maximise throughput, reduce costs and most importantly ensure very high-quality results for our clients in the demanding automotive sector. Other quality-focused processes we use to ensure customer satisfaction include optical sensing of the correct placement of sub-components and computerised scanning and recording systems to deliver full traceability of sub-parts and final assemblies. Other time saving processes on offer include in-mould labelling with robotic placement and laser etching of components.

Wrapping is a key technology with ACT able to offer carpet wrapping of injection mouldings, composite panels and other components to suit our customers’ requirements. Further recent investment has seen several highly automated gluing and wrapping machines introduced into our modern Wrexham facility.

We are trusted by vehicle manufacturers and global customers to supply complete assemblies ready to be fitted into the vehicle. Our finished assemblies are shipped to customers in the UK, throughout Europe, South America and Asia.

Examples of products made in ACT’s assembly cells today include barrier nets, load floors, roller luggage covers, trailer systems and exterior parts such as front grilles. Many of our assemblies are make-to-print contracts, following designs created by our clients, where ACT’s responsibility is to deliver these systems, often in hundreds of thousands per year, to exacting quality standards time after time.

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